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Erika Tangari is a young rebel in the food industry. She sees our world in need and acts upon it. Here there is no room for doubt. With immense know how of the science behind food, plus combining it with various world views on the subject she creates a revolutionary yet sustainable kitchen.

She is getting on the barricade with her cook's knife in the hand, stating that the food innovation has to take place now in order to let the human species survive in relative harmony with the world it lives in.

In taste there a no concessions. You will without a doubt be mind-blown about the diversity and finesse.

The tastes are refined, intricate, poetic, undefinable yet familiar. It’s a journey eating her food. Every dish is one of a kind

Before anything else she connects to the pure ingredients and where they came from and her unique way of working defines the outcome. Seeing her work, hearing her speak passionately, eating her food is similar to attending a magnificent performance. She is a star in the making.


The flavors, the quality, the undeniable influence of the Italian cuisine, the Indian kitchen's essence and the finesse of the Japanese kitchen plus her own vision create a dance of pure beauty

The future of food is female. The future of food is the Secret Of Life or SOL method by Erika Tangari.

 - Secret Of Life food is perfectly created for that moment in that specific setting. It is a life changing experience.

 - The SOL method can be offered as a stand alone experience where Erika creates her food visions and shares the ideas and vision behind it.

 - SOL can be booked for your restaurant and private setting with a minimum of 10 people 

 - The Sol Method can be enjoyed with THE SONG as a combined experience of being in the moment in full awareness of its possibilities. This is personal and business related.

 - SOL is part of THE RETREAT with THE SONG as the guiding force

 - Secret Of LIfe offers courses on how to redefine the point of view on food, nutrition, the body and life in general. Practical hands on working in the kitchen is part of this  | +34 673944764

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