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About The Song

THE SONG Interactive connective experience

When working with corporate or public group audiences, singer Alea Kay effortlessly crafts melodies and words into entire songs in the moment. These interactive transformational improvisations are a co-creation with direct input from the audience, painting the moment, summing up the essence, or revealing what still needs to be said. This can take a variety of forms.


Alea Kay also does wrap-up songs. Here, she distills the essence from keynote speeches, discussion panels or day program and drives home the essence in a song that sounds so accessible it could play on the radio. Alea Kay does this with striking insightfulness and with a lot of humor. She is accompanied by virtuoso musicians, who also improvises everything they plays.


Beyond interactive group songs, Alea Kay uses her visionary talent to sing individual flow songs, composing the guest's current emotional, physical and mental life situation. At the core of Alea Kay’ philosophy lies the striking idea that each moment of a human life provides an opportunity for deep transformation, a chance to connect with one’s inner flow.


Alea Kay is an inspirational speaker who did various TED talks, explaining and performing her unique musical improvisations and links that to the greater purpose for all to flow in life. She also works with corporations and conferences, who book her for inspirational talks and performances, which support business transformation.

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Our latest projects

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After completing 9 retreats of transformational work with inspiring groups, we are happy to announce the retreats in 2020!

For Leaderships retreats please contact us directly,

The scheduled retreats are open to everyone.

Please sign up via email to receive more information.  | +34 673944764

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Amstel Dialogues, SXSW, TEDx

2019 has been focused around working with the leaders in business and politics, to inspire them to embrace inevitable change in their work and companies. The Song has become a valuable asset in business consultancy, training and presentation.


Alea Kay's album is coming out very soon and that one will bring some strong anthems fro change


In 2020 our mission is to inspire Silicon Valley and more CEO's to embrace transformation, towards a healthier and more balanced society.

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