• Lex Empress

10 week personal coaching

I have just started a new round 10 week personal program. The next round will start at the end of October.

I love working with people that are very motivated to work towards their goals to heal and grow.

Text me to see if this is for you +31611621021! 

In the 10 weeks you

  • Receive a personal song every week,

  • Receive a 30 minute reading every session where you ask the questions you have prepared,

  • Receive a personal guided meditation you can do daily 

  • Have an assignment to work on every week.

  • Have a program build up of doing the guided meditation every day and listening to your song every day.

  • Have changed your patterns and are heading towards your full potential; with 10 personal soulsongs, 5 hours of meditation with music, 5 hours of reading all professionally recorded for you and sent to you to work with all week!



Ibiza Spain