The Soul Song Circle

brings together a group of max. 8 people. During an 8 week course, we share a 3,5 hour weekly session and we embark on a vocal journey to explore the spirit of song. This magical work provides insights in physical, emotional and practical issues. The circle entails pure soulsongs sung by Lex, solo singing, singing together, healing work and coaching. You will learn to vocalise your spirit song and are given the opportunity to open the door to understanding and voicing that which is hidden inside of you. 
Techniques used are Lex' own Vocal Flow, visualizations & Reike healing.

Here you can find Your Voice, your words, your song and healing. Here you can sing and be sung to and discover the ability to see and verbalize What You See. Here you can be silent too...
Here you will vocally heal and be healed.

Here is a description of the weekly meetings.

Meeting the Soulsong Circle


Getting to know the group and the course 5:00 PM

This is the first meeting about the course explaning what it is I teach  of what can be expected in the following 8 weeks. The group connects with each other for the first time and share their intentions for the following 8 weeks.

First Soulsong Circle


Your first Soulsong 09:30 AM

You share your intentions and slowly we enter in the world of soulsinging. To be able to sing the song of the soul the soul needs to be sung to simple resonate the simplicity of it all. I will open this first session with words and a melody for you personally and sing your soulsong of the moment. The silence in between the songs is when healing takes place and slowly we will embark on a deep search for sound from you together creating sound with others emerging in the soothing depths of singing from the heart, body and soul together.

Second Soulsong Circle


The journey to your own sound 09:30 AM

We briefly share and embark on moving the body and how it beautifully can provoke the creation of sound. You will use a blindfold as a chance to stay close to the body and voice and calm the mind. I will drum to help the movement along.

In the silence that follows we sit with it for a moment to experience the effect of movement and sound.

After a short brake we journey through visualization to words, imagery and vibrations related to the singing of the soul. Here you can express the Soulsong. The exercise is called "The Ocean" as we create an ocean of sound for everyone to feel safe enough to voice the words and phrases they feel to express

Third Soulsong circle


The spirit of song 09:30 AM

After we share our intentions for the day we start with a guided visualisation travelling to your spirit of song. We connect to the spirit in order to  Here you can find your colors and images, vibrations and sounds and sing together the song supported by the group creating the ocean of sound to support you. After a break we will continue with beautiful cards that we pick and that can help us voice the images we see when connecting to the messages and the cards.

Fourth Soulsong Circle


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Healing circle with me singing your Soulsongs, meditation and visualisation

Fifth Soulsong Circle


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We share shortly and start by moving to some music. It is good to let go sometimes before you let the voice flow. When we sit down we embark on singing

Sixth Soulsong Circle


12:00 PM

The flow of song is more natural now. Still using the ocean of sound we also dig in to hearing your own voice more clearly. Singing in your own language and dialect when inspired. Incorporating the visions from the journeying and verbalising in speech and singing.

Seventh Soulsong Circle


12:00 PM

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Eighth Soulsong Circle


9:30 AM

Closing circle sharing, singing, journeying and singing for eachother with the gained insights from the course. At the end there is a little concert from Lex Empress & Gilian Baracs.

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