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  • Do you want to innovate and need an external voice to verbalise the essential and inevitable in the changing proces.

  • Do you need a refreshing point of view from a new angle on your company or you business direction by someone who can read the room, the subjects and reflect back on it in a precise yet creative way, while bringing your company closer together? 

  • Do you want to have a dialogue within the company that is led by an external consultant that uses a creative touch to create opening for the conversation?

  • Do you need to reconnect with you team or external partners?

  • Do you believe that creativity is key in finding solutions?

  • Do you think that music and improvisation is a gateway to the heart of the matter and the mind of your colleagues?




The future is bright for those who dare to innovate. The old paradigm in business is shifting rapidly and technology accompanied by a fast evolving new generation of people ready to be as swift as this future paradigm. In order to be able to follow bold moves might be needed and a clear view on blockages and a clear vision ahead are a great starting point to work from.

Alea Kay fascination for improvisation, innovation, human behaviour and the ever changing world of technology makes her the perfect fly on the wall in meetings that musically fills you in on your blockages and patterns and possibilities for growth. The improvised musical take on the subjects bring a heartfelt creative touch that opens the mind of every attendees more to embrace the freshly gained insights.

Alea Kay is the only person in the world offering this specific work and the profundity and professionalism in music as well as consultancy are astonishing.




Alea plays the one song that logically belongs to a specific moment in a meeting, conference or training.

It derives from an interactive collaboration between Alea Kay and all present in the room aiming to answer questions, fins clarification, direction or bring about valuable content.

THE SONG is composed with words and sentences and accompanied description of situations all gathered in the very moment and brought together in a coherent song by master improviser Alea Kay.

THE SONG is accompanied on piano and all the music is improvised as well ending up to be an absolute 100% original song with relevant content about the matter at hand.

THE SONG s aim is transformation, innovation, growth and Alea Kay will define with her clients what goals need to be reached and will adapt her work mode to this goal in order to reach the goal.

Alea Kay

Alea Kay is a facilitator for change and can handle crowds of many thousands but can also create dialogue and change in smaller groups.

Her great passion lies in helping captains of industry and change makers embrace the changes that are at hand in the near and far future. She is connected to the start up world, tech world, TED and many charities. She believes her work can create dialogue in an absolutely unique way due to her creative take on things and her understanding of business and tech on the other hand.

THE SONG and Alea Kay are a revolutionary addition to your business training, conference and meetings that will leave the room mesmerised and inspired to do better, more and be creative.


To understand that the “click” to change is this easy might be the hardest thing to understand. I will make it easy to access and change the world one song at a time.

Alea Kay makes the process transparant and logical and gives you insights and practical tools.


-THE SONG can contribute to the process in an existing meeting, conference or training. 

-THE SONG can be the end of a day as a  wrap up and reflective moment or integration 

-THE SONG can facilitate training, 

  • Half a day, This can also be in your companies workspace

  • 1 day, in a appropriate facility for group work

  • 3 day or 5 day retreat. The 3 and 5 day retreats include nutrition, movement, and insights that support THE SONG point of view in an appropriate facility for group work.

  • 7 day Ibiza retreat, with morning yoga, hikes, keynote speaker, THE SONG concerts, and tailor made sessions


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