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is this one experience that will fit you like an Italian suit, aimed to create substantial change.

It's all tailor made journey by an amazing team of facilitators.

Alea Kay teams up with bodyworkers, teachers and therapists from all over the world in order to offer the best of the best. All honor the art of improvisation and flow in the moment while following a specific program.

THE RETREAT takes anyone on a fast forward to 

* Changing not serving behaviour
* Identifying negative patterns and clearing them
* Redefining negative thought patterns
* Reconnecting to the moment as apposed to looking back and planning ahead 
* Being more aware of physical patterns and redefining them
* Identifying nutritional patterns that do not serve anymore
* Deep relaxation, in body, mind and spirit
* Speaking your personal and professional voice in the upmost authentic way

THE RETREAT takes place on stunning locations in Ibiza and the Netherlands.

Contact us for more information via  | +34 673944764

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