"This was one of the deepest shamanic journeys I have embarked on. The medicine received from song, food sharing and the nurturing, loving space that Lex holds have been totally transformative and soul inspiring."  Emily Gilchrist
"Alea Kay, what's in a name. The best, the purest and most soul shaking experience ever! OMG! Love you, thank you."  Nellen Edens
"I am so very chuffed that I gifted myself this retreat. Full medicine, just what the doc ordered."  Ruth Lorna King
"Thank you for helping me clear my head and soul and for guidance on my journey. Everyone should be prescribed to this experience."  Gill Chadbon
"Lex is pure medicine that accords your real self with the harmonics of your soul. Be present, be happy, be yourself and a new oneness is possible. New light is sparkling in us! Thank you."  Marco Ferraris
"This is the most profound work i have ever come across. I have in a few days been able to connect to my higher self."  Sissel Karlsen

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